Sheryl Thornberg

Sheryl Thornberg is a freelance graphic designer and copywriter based in Naples, Florida. In her blog, “The Professional Guest,” she writes about her life as a “nearly” sixty-year-old single woman who decides to sell her home and everything she owns and begin living the life of a nomad. She documents her downsizing journey to freedom from “stuff” with honesty and a dash of humor.

Her graphic design portfolio and copywriting can be viewed at


6 thoughts on “Sheryl Thornberg

  1. Sheryl, From a friend’s home in Nevada, Iowa, I’m writing to wish you the best of luck, life, and love in your next chapter. As always, I’m thinking of you and hoping that (sooner than later) our paths may one day cross.


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  2. Hello Sheryl. I hope you’re doing well. My name is Jon Owen I grew up in Clearlake Iowa. I used to hunt ducks In the marshes with your brother Dan north of Clearlake. Your mom , dad brothers and sisters were always very good to me I miss you guys. I now live in communist northeastern Minnesota. I spent time hunting in the timber and fishing lake superior for salmon . Do you remember the green 1966 Volkswagon beetle?


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